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Bay Tech’s Fire Extinguisher Tags

Bay Tech Fire Tags manufactures a diverse array of fire extinguisher tags and labels, including essential product labels, custom fire extinguisher tags, and specialized labels that adhere to strict industry requirements.

Some types of labels are subject to more government regulations and unique manufacturing limitations than others. Every industry is subject to its own set of rules. The DOT regulates labeling for hazardous substances transport. The FDA regulates alcoholic beverage labeling. The experts at Bay Tech Fire Tags are familiar with all these requirements and so much more.

No matter what type of labels you need, Bay Tech Label Fire Tags has you covered. Read on to find out about five of our most popular specialized products marketed to fire extinguisher manufacturers and inspectors.

Fire Extinguisher Tags

Fire extinguishers require extensive labeling, so most have multiple tags. The cylinder tag must list essential information regarding the maintenance of your fire extinguisher. It should also include identifying information about the manufacturer and the specific product, including what kind of chemicals it contains.

The fire extinguisher should also feature a status tag that indicates whether it is new, recharged, or professionally serviced and an annual inspection tag.

Annual Fire Labels

Many products require annual inspections, from fire extinguishers to elevators and passenger vehicles. Those responsible for performing these inspections must also record the results using yearly tags.

Annual inspection tags usually contain information about who performed the inspection, when it was completed, and whether the product passed or not. With plenty of annual tags to choose from Bay Tech has you covered.

Synthetic Annual Tags

Synthetic annual tags are perfect for recording the status of products like fire extinguishers. They're designed to withstand substantial wear and tear and can be manufactured to exacting water, chemical, and heat resistance standards.

You should only purchase your fire extinguisher tags from a reputable vendor like Bay Tech Fire Tags that knows how to follow all relevant regulatory standards.

Service Collars

The purpose of fire extinguisher service collars is to alert owners and maintenance technicians if the extinguisher's valve is removed. Technicians often need to remove fire extinguisher valves to perform internal examinations or recharge them with fresh flame-suppressant chemicals.

When they remove the service collar, they must add a tag to the extinguisher indicating that it has been inspected or recharged. They'll also need to replace the service collar with a new one. You can buy new service collars from Bay Tech Fire Tags along with annual and cylinder tags and labels.

Annual Labels

Annual labels are like annual fire extinguisher tags, but they're designed to be affixed directly to the product's body. These labels need to contain essential information about the inspection date for fire extinguishers, who performed it, and its results.

The label will also need to be capable of withstanding a moderate amount of wear and tear. It should remain legible for the entire inspection period.